Update – Missing In Action!

By | May 22, 2019

I’ve had a bit of an extended break due to some injury and illness. I’m on the road to recovery so I’ll start producing my odds line for selected tournaments going forward.

I’m sure like many other I’m extremely limited on what bookmakers I can use due to restrictions. Some just won’t take any bets at all, and with many others I’m reduced to having stakes in pennies.

As many golf punters who keep P&L records will know, a good chunk of your profit will come from place betting; your 100/1 selection finishing in the top 7 or 8 gives you a welcome 20/1 return.

I’m reluctant to abandon the each way selections altogether, but I’m also aware that I will not be able to get any meaningful money on them with certain firms.

To that end, I’ll be looking more to the exchanges, in particular Betfair (although Betdaq has much more liquidity these days). I have been using the exchanges when the price on a player is way out of line. It may be that if I do less each way bets, I may select more players on the win market at reduced stakes, and then lay off accordingly.

It may be I keep two separate sets of records going forward – standard P&L with traditional bookmakers and another with just win (and maybe place markets) on Betfair. I’ll mull things over and see going forward.